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Established in 2012, Ningbo Sinotop Chemicals Ltd. has been serving the chemical industry for nearly a decade. We specialize in sales and marketing of fine chemicals, commodity chemicals, and pharmaceutical and agrichemical intermediates that are imported to and/or exported from China. With solid chemical engineering background, we are closely engaged in production technology development, value chain analysis, and fine chemical productions while providing engineering consulting services to our valued customers. Over the years we have built great relationships with many world renowned producers and customers globally through well maintained and secured channels. We are proud to be a reliable solution provider who supplies quality chemical products, professional chemical engineering support, and premium market information.
While we buy/sell a broad spectrum of chemical products, we always stay focused in our core business which is fine chemicals and pharmaceutical / agrichemical intermediates. With the help of our versatile and systematic business models, we offer comprehensive yet highly specialized product lines for long term competitiveness. Beyond just a chemical distributor, we consistently invest major resources in chemical product development and production technology development of fine chemicals with great enthusiasm. Sinotop Chemicals holds shares of a number of recognized Chinese chemical producers through direct financial investments and/or technology investments. We proactively participate in plant site designs, constructions and upgrades and actual productions. These plants have become our secured supply sources and solid platform for further product development which in turn provide Sinotop with momentum for sustainable long term growth.
We are professional, dedicated and trustworthy. We add value.
Our Motto is ‚ÄúTrust and Service‚Ä�
Our Growth Path is ‚ÄúStay solid, grow steadily but progress with caution‚Ä�
Our Target is ‚ÄúBe Professional and Achieve Win-Win‚Ä�
Our Belief is ‚ÄúLove what we do and do what we love and Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk‚Ä�

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