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InformexUSA 2010
Sponser: Bluesky Chemical (China) Ltd.
Address: San Francisco
Organizer: CMP Information
Supporter: Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA)
Date: 2010-02-16--2010-02-19
Introduction: General Information

Why InformexUSA?

If your company manufactures organic chemicals in ANY segment of the industry and wants to be more competitive and achieve higher process performance and profit, you should register your process R&D chemists, production managers and P&L executives for Informex. With chemical technology booths, covering just about every organic chemical reaction, catalysis technology, hazardous chemistry, etc., Informex is the place to be.

No one else gives you so many reasons to attend, or so much help getting the business reaction you want:

Targeted focus, broad end-use markets: Informex targets the decision makers from process R&D, production and senior management at fine and specialty chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
Numerous networking opportunities: Complimentary breakfasts, luncheons and evening receptions around the show floor provide more networking opportunities and keep more people on-site for longer periods. Exhibitor showcases, networking receptions and roundtables are all popular places for building and strengthening relationships.
Company and technology-specific showcases: Exhibitor and technology showcases offer presentations highlighting examples of new synthesis, catalysts, ligands, etc. are delivered continuously every 20 minutes, from 9 am to 5 pm the day prior to exhibits opening, with content that gets to the point.
Networking round table discussions: A forum of networking round table discussions is offered concurrently with the showcases. Topics for 2007 will focus on.

Chemical industry leaders choose Informex to:

Networking: Find and meet with new and existing suppliers from the largest concentration of fine & specialty chemical market segments: pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, electronics, plastics, coatings, adhesives, and more.
Education: Learn what’s new in industrial chemical technology–chemistry that is proven to work now, not 10 years from now.
Productive Time Management: A couple of days at Informex will enable you to gather key information about suppliers and chemical technology that would otherwise mean investing months in scheduling meetings and sorting through academic lectures.
Innovation: Informex is the place to learn about chemical technology that can make a real world difference. Maybe you will change your process development, production or product lines based on just one new technical discovery you learn about at Informex. And, innovative technology can keep your customers from shopping lower cost regions of the world. Can you afford not to attend?

Exhibitor Profile

Informex is THE meeting place for companies looking to differentiate and grow their businesses in the fine & specialty chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech markets.

Informex exhibitors provide:

Custom & Toll Manufacturing
Fine & Specialty Chemicals
Chemical Process Technology/Licensing
Advanced Intermediates, API's and Excipients
Peptides, Proteins, Enzymes
Chiral Chemistry
Catalysts & Biocatalysts
Contract Research, Testing & Outsourcing services
Equipment & Instrumentation
Information services

Who are the Attendees?

INFORMEX ABCs (Attendee Business Categories)


Note: Total exceeds 100% because many attendees do business in multiple categories. Source: Survey of InformexUSA 2006 attendees

Who Will You Meet?

Purchasing 40%
R&D 20%
Corporate Management 15%
Sales & Marketing 15%
Operations 5%
Engineering & Other 5%
Contact Name.: Sarah Chen
Tel: 010-84292988
Fax: 010-84292180
E-mail:  2010-02-19

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