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Qingdao Greenchem international Trading Co.,Ltd. is the commercial company which is invested by BeiJing Greenchem Technology Co.,Ltd. in Qingdao. It takes charge of export and production promotion, as well as imports and selling relevant productions. It functions as the company’s international trading business channel.

BeiJing Greenchem Technology Co.,Ltd. was established by many people who are experienced in both management and professional technology in large and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises. It is located in Zhongguancun Technology Park, the synthesis laboratory is in Daxing Organisms and Pharmaceutical Base and the manufacturing base is in Hebei province. The company yields technological advantage in the area of anhydrous and oxygen-free proprietary technology.

BeiJing Greenchem Technology Co.,Ltd. engages in research and development of organic phosphine compound, organic phosphine precious metal composition, organic boric acid compound, and others. It has developed more than 500 technologies since its inception and the marketing productions are more than 100. Custom synthesis is also welcomed.

BeiJing Greenchem Technology Co.,Ltd. fully uses its talents, technology and information advantages, in order to provide services to the domestic and overseas enterprises that are focused on producing and operating new pharmaceutical selection, pharmaceutical intermediate and liquid crystal monomer . We will realize mutual benefits.

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