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Professor Stan Roberts is internationally known for his expertise on synthesis of poly(amino acid)s. For example, polyleucine is called Roberts� regent. Under the direction of professor Roberts, we own a proprietary technology for making poly(arginine, histidind, lysine) of unique quality(99.9%), economically in commercial scale.

epsilon-polylysine (e-PL) is a homopolyamide linked by the peptide bond between the carboxylic and epsilon amino group of adjacent lysine molecules. It is biodegradable and nontoxic towards human. Most of the biomedical applications till date use toxic α-PLL as a raw material. However, it is believed that large mw e-PL would be an ideal substitute.

We are the only commercial producer for large mw epsilon-polylysine in the world. Different from other gene vectors, our vectors are PEI-free, non-cytotoxicity. As a manufacturer, we can send small, medium and large packages as you required. We offer a special discount upto 10%-90% to our existing customers.

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