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Changsha TATI chemical co.,ltd specializes in the produce & development for chemical raw-materials, organic/inorganic chemicals and fine chemicals.CHANGSHA ISCA-TATI MICROPIGMENT CO.,LTD, joint venture with ISCA UK LTD, comes into being in 2002, majors in pigments research & develoment; Meanwhile produce, process and distribute high-purity pigment for domestic market.

Changsha TATI chemical co.,ltd take full advantage of the local nonferrous metal mineral deposit, manufactures inorganic fluorine, hydrofluoric acid and bismuth salts. And united with CCM USA, we built professional storehouse in HuNan. We purchase and supply qualified metallic chemicals, including: Copper, Strontium, Chrome, Zirconium, Tin, nickel, Mn, lithium salts series, Cs, Nd, Indium etc. rare metal chemicals and High Performance Ceramic chemical materials.

Sodium& Potassium combine with hydrofluoric acid, fluoride, fluoborate, fluotitanate, fluoaluminate, fluozirconate series, are leading products of us among whole inorganic fluorine chemicals. Others include surfactant, glass etching powders, metal-surface processing and alloy additive series.

Fully invested fluorine factory, as well as sharing holder plant, is excellent in its technology and quality. Sodium fluoride & sodium silicofluoride are lifeline of us; yearly output is around 5,000metric tons, 60pct for export. They succeeded award the UL certificate in 2003. Potassium Fluoborate, Potassium Fluotitanate, Potassium Fluoaluminate, Potassium Fluosilicate, Magnesium Fluoride, Potassium Bifluoride, were produced based on self-produced high-grade hydrofluoric acid, proves to be our main products and well received and praised by Euro/USA customers.

Using special technical prescription and environmental friendly, our newly developed glass etching powder has the properties such as: speedy, stable, simple operation, recycled during and after etching. Glass after treatment is getting exquisite, smooth, slender and purely white. The chemical can etch glass such as lamp glass, flat glass, bottle, tin glass, arts glass, quartz halogen lamps, tungsten lamps, architecture screen, house decoration, office furniture, cosmetic bottles glass, etc.

Dedicated to imp&exp businesses over ten years, professioned with international trade experience, our sales team-leaders had created a perfect international sales network and received good reputation worldwide. Our products spread almost every corner of the world, European, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mid-East and Asia countries.

We emphasis and devote for the simple criteria ¡°credit&responsible¡±; efforts in providing qualified products and economize purchase cost for our customer. We are willing to cooperate with non-experienced plant and utilize our sales channel promoting their products in order to win each business chance at first hand.

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