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Our company is a world-leading provider of peptide reagents, generic peptides, and custom peptide synthesis services.
We have been faithfully serving the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, as well as life science research institutes and universities worldwide for almost 30 years.
Below is our brief introduction for our products range and services. And the latest version of our catalog is attached for your ref.
Hope we could receive your reply and start some cooperation in near future. Thank you for your time and kind attention.

鈽匬roducts Range
Featured Products
鈥籉moc-amino acids, Boc-Amino Acids, Z-Amino Acids
鈥籔rotecting reagents: Fmoc-OSu, Fmoc-Cl, Boc anhydride, Z-OSu鈥�
鈥籆ontracting reagents: HBTU, HATU, TBTU, HCTU, PyBOP, PyAOP鈥�
鈥籐inkers for solid phase synthesis: Rink amide linker, HMP linker, DHP linker鈥�
鈥籙nusual amino acides: Nal, Pal, Dab, Dap, Phe(4-X), Pro and Trp derivatives, Homo amino acids, a-methyl and N-methyl鈥�
鈥籗olid phase synthesis Resin: Wang Resin, 2-Cl-Trt(Cl) Resin, Rink Amide MBHA resin鈥�
鈥籇imer Peptide: Fmoc-b-Ala-X, Boc-Ser(Fmoc-X)-OH, Fmoc-X-Cys/Ser/Thr[Psi(Dmp,H)Pro]-OH鈥�

鈽匜eatured Services
鈥籆ustom Peptide Synthesis
With a wide variety of purity levels and modifications to best fit your different needs.
鈥籆ustom Antibody Services
Provides monoclonal and polyclonal antibody products for our academic, biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical customers
鈥籆ustom Organic Synthesis and CRO or FTE Service

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