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Molcoo Chemicals Inc. (referred to as Molcoo) was established in the United States. Over the years, Molcoo has focused on the business of standard products and has had good cooperative relations with pharmaceutical companies, testing institutions as well as university laboratories around the world. In order to expand our business better and faster, we have established Shenzhen Molcoo Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. with our important partners in China. All standard products will be provided by Molcoo with quality assurance and related certificates (COA), C-NMR, H-NMR , MS, HPLC/GC and other structural confirmation and purity certification atlas, preparation route, atlas analysis. For customers in Asia,goods will be shipped from China warehouses, and for European and American customers,shipments will be arranged from US warehouses.
Our main products include drug impurity reference products, traditional Chinese medicine standard products, peptide drug standard products, deuterated drug standard products, plant extraction standard products, special intermediates, etc. Meanwhile,we are also able to provide customized synthesis services.

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