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Advanced Micro Materials Company profile;

Shijiazhuang Micro New Material Technology Co., LTD., the company address is located in Shijiazhuang City, Xinhua District, North China Street 298, the factory address is located in Shijiazhuang Zhengding Economic Development Zone, complete procedures and certificates of production stability.

Ultramicro Advanced Materials is a production factory capable of self-research and development, production, processing, sales and technical support. The factory covers a total area of about 60,000 square meters. In 2022, a new workshop of nanomaterials and air purification materials will be established in Lingshou County, covering an area of about 47,000 square meters.

Since its establishment, Ultramicro New Materials has always adhered to the business philosophy of market demand as the guide, science and technology research and development as the support, product quality for survival, safety production as the bottom line, and reputation for development.

The company has a number of production equipment such as magnetic separator, pickling pool, dry ball mill, wet ball mill, nano mill, Raymond mill, air mill, dryer, filling machine, reaction kettle, centrifuge and other production equipment, with an annual output of 200,000 tons of inorganic mineral powder, 7,500 tons of nanomaterials and air treatment additives.

In the production process of ultramicro new materials, the raw ore will enter the next process after testing, beneficiation, cleaning and impurity removal, and the production standard of the product is mature. The product particles are uniform, the quality is stable, and the sample customization is supported.

Our factory products can be widely used in: plastic products, plastic modification, plastic granulation, rubber, silicone, silicone rubber, epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, water-based resin, oil resin, primer, top paint, latex paint, tableware, ceramics, air purification, water purification, water treatment and other industries.

Ultramicro specialized in the production of all kinds of raw materials and new materials such as;

Silicon products: silica, crystalline silicon, fused silicon, high purity silicon, quartz powder, silicon powder, composite silicon, soft silicon, nano silicon, modified silicon.

Air purification: formaldehyde spray additives, odor spray additives, negative ion stock solution, antibacterial additives, nano silver.

Transparent filling material: anhydrous transparent powder, glass powder, talc powder, glass beads, transparent barium, transparent silicon powder, composite powder.

Glass beads: transparent glass beads, solid glass beads, hollow glass beads.

All kinds of inorganic powder and air treatment products produced by the company have been issued by local institutions or Beijing National Inspection Group of conformity assessment test certificate, and obtained the test report.

The company adheres to the "people-oriented" corporate culture, pays attention to training employees hard work, enterprising dedication, gathered a group of excellent talents with good professional quality.

At present, the company has 173 employees, at the same time has its own research and development team and all kinds of external laboratories have close cooperation, its own technology research and development personnel 10 people, a professional sales and after-sales team.

The company advocates the enterprise spirit of excellence, emphasizes the "quality, customer first" business philosophy, scientific and strict enterprise management, modern production lines and all kinds of complete varieties, advanced performance testing facilities and means, to ensure the ultrafine new materials of high quality, high performance and high stability.

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