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Sihunt is a leading international research and development of silicone products production and sales of high-tech companies belongs to Shanghai ChuQing Organosilane technology co., LTD. The official platform.Mainly in the service of medicine and chemical industry, fine chemical industry, new material industry, sihunt clients from all over the world universities, government agencies, chemical manufacturers, material research and development and production enterprises, etc.The market are mainly sales in South Korea, Japan, Germany, America, etc.Sihunt committed to customers to accelerate the development of new materials machine high technology innovation ability, for more information please visit our

Sihunt basis in Shanghai r&d center, sales and service in 2012, the main service market in South Korea and Japan.Currently in South Korea has been a steady rise in sales budget.

Sihunt core strategy for China and the world鈥檚 economic and social development in sync updates, always paid close attention to the development of world economy, and with the relevant government departments, maintained close ties, getting to know the needs of the market in a timely manner.In the current planning and clear when I face challenges, such as environment problem, energy problem, such as public health, to strengthen the efforts to solve these problems, the sustainable development as a major strategic.

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