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Shanghai Hucai Chemical Co., Ltd. is a service-oriented enterprise dedicated to providing customers with a combination of production and trading of various dyes and pigments. Our mission is to make all the partners we work with become beneficiaries of good products and services from the Chinese market.

The company is headquartered in Shanghai. We set up factories in Gansu Province, China and Suizhou City, Hubei Province. Now we produce solvent pigments for plastics, metal complex solvent dyes for paints and inks, and various pigments and dye intermediates. We set up an organic pigment production plant in Jiangsu Province, relying on mature production technology and excellent technical support, we have provided customers with a large number of excellent and stable pigment and dye products.

We have provided a large number of excellent services and products for ink customers, masterbatch customers, paint coating customers, color pastes and color paste customers from major world markets.

Our products are mainly:

Solvent dyes: Solvent dyes for plastics and metal complex dyes for paints and inks

Organic pigments: classic azo pigments, titanium cyanine pigments, double-coupling high-performance organic pigments, azo lake-based plastic pigments

Inorganic pigments: superfine iron oxide red, transparent superfine iron oxide, titanium dioxide, carbon black, chrome yellow, molybdenum red, ultramarine

Carbon black: rubber-grade carbon black, pigment carbon black, pigment carbon black for long fibers, M100 replaces carbon black, and Printext U replaces carbon black

Strip-shaped aluminum pigment: high-performance injection molding, blown film, drawing silver master aluminum pigment

We look forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to travel with you.

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