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Moto Chemistry Int'l Ltd, a leading manufacturer of pigments, predispersion pigment chips, specialty chemicals, ore chemicals and biology chemicals, established in 1989, has dedicated itself in supplying high quality & competitive products to global customers for 16 years.

Leading 3 subsidiary chemical plants, Motochem exports nearly 70% of its products to the international market including USA, EU, Southeast Asia, Middle East and South America, with annual turnover totaling to US$28,000,000.

Motochem is the largest manufacturer of predispersion color chips in China, providing pigmented chips predispersed in various resin systems such as RS & SS nitrocellulose, water-based acrylic co-polymer, polyamide, vinyl co-polymer, CAB, PVB resins for application in making high quality flexography & rotogravure printing inks as well as deluxe paints, lacquers and coatings.

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