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Popeye Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. is a leading Lab Consumable provider. Our company mainly trades in Pharmaceutical standards, chemical and environmental standards, biological class standards, the original research, high-end reagents, plant extracts, laboratory supplies, etc. Our business area covers China, Hongkong, Taiwan, East Asia, Europe. Now, We have successfully developed reputed cooperation with many well-known pharmaceutical companies, universities, research institutions and hospitals.
Popeye able to provide more than 1,000,000 kinds of various standards, chemical reagents for Pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, testing institutions, factories, universities laboratory and other scientific research units. We also provide quality and efficient advisory services to help customers successfully complete the experiment and production tasks.
We are not only the assign agent for Chiron and Chromogenix, but also sells a variety of products such as CP, LGC, ChomaDax, TRC, EP, USP, BP, WHO, NIST, IRRM, BaChem, Accustandard, ChemService, Dr.Ehrenstorfer, CIL.
At the same time, we also deal with international import and export by ocean shipping, airfreight, Customs clearance business, containerized goods transportation, warehousing, Customs bonded.
We ensure all of the products are strictly tested and our aim is the most reasonable prices to provide the highest quality products. Look forward to your cooperation.
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