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Inpur Product Name or CAS#:   
Sell Product CAS Date More
Sell Substitute of 3M 4298UV Adhesion Promoter 2017-09-11
Sell EPDM Primer for posting 3M tapes 868-77-9 2017-09-11
Sell 3M PT896 Equivalent Primer for touchscreen phone, tablet, GPS Navigator 868-77-9 2017-09-11
Sell 3M 94 Equivalent Primer for car wraps, car strips, car graphics 110-82-7 2017-09-11
Sell 3M 4298 Equivalent Primer for 3M acrylic foam tapes to bond EPDM,TPO,TPU,PP 110-82-7 2017-09-11
Sell 3M K-520/K-500 Primer Alternative for 3M VHB tapes to PP, EPDM,TPU,TPO,PVC 110-82-7 2017-09-11
Sell Loctite 770 Equivalent Primer 110-82-7 2017-09-11
Sell Loctite 603,609,620,638,648,640,641,642,680 Equivalent Retaining compounds 80-15-9 2017-09-11
Sell Loctite 542,545,567,572,573,577 Equivalent Thread sealant 80-15-9 2017-09-11
Sell Loctite 222,242,243,262,270,271,272,277,290 Equivalent Threadlocker 80-15-9 2017-09-11
Sell Loctite 510 Equivalent Gasket Eliminator High Temperature Flange Sealant 80-15-9 2017-09-11
Sell UV Glue for bonding plastic to glass,metal,plastic 868-77-9 2017-09-11
Sell UV Adhesive for bonding glass to aluminum cake 868-77-9 2017-09-11
Sell UV Curable Adhesive for bonding small area glass to small area glass 868-77-9 2017-09-11
Sell Replace 3M G-200 Tape Primer 110-82-7 2017-09-11
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